Edson Education Fields of Study

In Edson the most popular field of study is Architecture, engineering, and related technologies. This accounts for 34.78% of the population. Business, management and public administration account for 19.72% of the Edson population. Health and related fields account for 14.71% of the Edson population. Education account for 7.96% of the Edson population. Personal, protective and transportation services account for 6.4% of the Edson population. Social and behavioural sciences and law account for 5.54% of the Edson population. Agriculture, natural resources and conservation account for 4.33% of the Edson population. Humanities account for 2.25% of the Edson population. Physical and life sciences and technologies account for 1.73% of the Edson population. Mathematics, computer and information sciences account for 1.38% of the Edson population. Visual and performing arts, and communications technologies account for 1.21% of the Edson population.

Architecture, engineering, and related technologies34.78 %
Business, management and public administration19.72 %
Health and related fields14.71 %
Education7.96 %
Personal, protective and transportation services6.40 %
Social and behavioural sciences and law5.54 %
Agriculture, natural resources and conservation4.33 %
Humanities2.25 %
Physical and life sciences and technologies1.73 %
Mathematics, computer and information sciences1.38 %
Visual and performing arts, and communications technologies1.21 %
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