Redwater Education Level Statistics

Most of the Redwater population possess High school diploma or equivalent. This accounts for 30.34% of the population. No certificate, diploma or degree account for 25.84% of the Redwater population. Apprenticeship or trades certificate or diploma account for 19.1% of the Redwater population. College, CEGEP or other non-university certificate or diploma account for 17.98% of the Redwater population. Bachelor's degree account for 6.74% of the Redwater population.

In Canada, education is seen as the most desirable route to earning a decent living and to enhancing personal growth and happiness. Educated people not only earn higher incomes but also contribute disproportionally to business innovation, productivity, and national economic performance. There is a strong and direct relationship between investments in education, educational attainment, and economic growth. A 2003 multi-country study from the European Commission found that if the national average educational attainment level is increased by a single year, aggregate productivity increases by 6.2 per cent right away, and by a further 3.1 per cent in the long run. Recent evidence also suggests that educated people make decisions that lead to healthier and longer lives. Education drives success.

High school diploma or equivalent30.34 %
No certificate, diploma or degree25.84 %
Apprenticeship or trades certificate or diploma19.10 %
College, CEGEP or other non-university certificate or diploma17.98 %
Bachelor's degree6.74 %
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